Every Quote Painting is a Conversation Piece

"Off The Wall" Quote Paintings


This Quote Painting is very special because it contains the very first quote ever written by JJ Mae and the first collaboration between Budde and Mae. The vision given to artist Dan Budde to paint was a surreal and mystical winter scene with an oversized modern mirror emerging from a pond and a person standing in front of the mirror who remains mysterious. The Quote Painting Dan produced is magical. The light from the moon gives a soft silver-blue glow to the forest, with the blanket of fluffy snow and crystal icicles glimmering in the dark night. The quote, with its unusual play on words, speaks to all of us. The promises we make to ourselves are the most important ones of all because we live with them every day as we attempt over and over to be true to ourselves. These promises are reflections of our soul as seen through our own eyes - like looking into a mirror.



Known to be the most whimsical Quote Painting in Collection #1, the oversized and cozy leather couch on the hill represents a way of life that calls to us – from the bag of potato chips to the old-fashioned television. This springtime scene shows Artist Dan’s masterful technique with flowers and wide landscapes. His immense talent and humor take the viewer’s eye from a lumbering cow on his way to the couch to the happy-go-lucky cow skipping down the hill. JJ Mae wanted the cows on the hill to have a secret message to impart. Can you find it? The quote, full of humor, has a deeper motivation for a healthier life full of more energy. There is beauty all around us, and we need to “Get Going” to find it.



The emotions of summer pervade this Quote Painting. The sun rises over a quaint stone cabin by a picturesque lake, and a man and woman in a surreal boat speed toward a window in an outer universe. Will they enter the ethereal scene and find a kinder world? This Quote Painting shows Dan Budde's remarkable use of color and light. The water and cabin beckon to us just like the huge surreal window and globe call to the man and woman. The quote is perhaps the softest in Collection #1. It is clever of course - but it also evokes a response of “Ahhhh.” It begs all of us to be more tolerant, as we are part of each other and part of the universe.



This is possibly the most detailed of the Quote Paintings in Collection #1. The exquisite autumn sunset casts a spell as Dan Budde's expert use of light and color carries from the house down to the barn. The co-founders of Original Quote Paintings LLC spent their summers in this house and played for hours in the shed with the weathervane on top. Their grandparents sit on the porch looking over the idyllic scene where surreal horses with human faces wear symbolic blinders. The funny and fanciful quote from JJ Mae that reflects the scene so well will resonate with anyone who has ever had a dream for the future. The naysayers may have the best of intentions, but a dream - in spite of the risk - should never be destroyed.