Original Quote Paintings LLC is a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We work creatively together with two extremely talented people: Artist Dan Budde and Author JJ Mae (read more in “The Story of Quote Paintings”).

Although we have an online presence with our website and social media sites, we are not the kind of company that makes our customers search in frustration or wade through red tape to ask a question or express a concern. Instead, you can email or message us directly - and we guarantee that you will receive a response from a real human being in a timely manner.


Customer service is our number one priority. Our most important person is you - our customer. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, whether you order one Quote Painting or the entire collection. Therefore, we offer a complete money back guarantee - no questions asked. (See “Pricing and Ordering” for more information).


Please feel free to contact us at any time or “post”. Join others online and have fun analyzing our Quote Paintings. Sometimes you may find a question we pose on our social media pages for you to discuss or think about. For example, regarding Man and Woman – What are the man and woman racing toward, and what will they find when they get there?

We also welcome comments about our company or about your Quote Painting(s) experience after the art becomes a part of your home or workplace. With your permission, we may use your testimonial on our website or one of our social media sites.

Email us at info@quotepaintings.com!

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